Traditional system

The traditional headwork system involves the use of an opening/closing valve for any type of water. The mixer adjusts the incoming hot and cold water in its body through 2 levers.

Single-lever system

The traditional single-lever mixer contains a ceramic disc cartridge, which ensures longer durability and minimal closing force. This type of system works by lifting the lever in the direction of the desired temperature.

Thermostatic system

The thermostatic system allows you to adjust the water temperature and flow by means of two handles. One determines the desired temperature, which remains configured without having to adjust it every time as with normal mixers. Moreover, this system is equipped with anti-burn insulation, which means that the water cannot exceed 38-40 °C (optimal temperature) accidentally. The other handle regulates the water flow and throttle and, in some cases, can be used as an integrated shower head or hand-held shower diverter.

Cartuccia termostatica brevettata

MT 01 thermostatic cartridge

Patented system with a pressure-balance valve

Thanks to its double thermostatic and pressure adjustment, our patented MT 01 cartridge ensures full temperature stability, as well as safe and practical use, reliability, energy savings, and environment protection. MT 01 is made with Ultem, a special food-grade material with excellent mechanical properties, and is equipped with inspectable anti-scale filters. Every cartridge is tested and factory-calibrated.

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